A company that creates customized software

We offer highly specialized IT applications for which we provide
advice, planning, implementation and assistance.

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FINANCE area without secrets
We are leaders in the sector for the number of installations at Italian Banks and for the number of topics dealt with (from passive lawsuits to criminal proceedings or foreclosures to third parties and successions) our solutions represent the information system of the Corporate Bank Lawyers.
Just a smartphone
Do you have any innovative ideas? Do you want to develop an APP? Grow up your audience, choose to increase your business on mobile. We specialize in the development of mobile APP, with a dedicated staff of people. Ask for a free quote.
Consulting: At the service of our customers
Consulting means to as how to translate the needs of our customers in a simple and clear language for both. We offer a strategic consulting service for the design and implementation of modular solutions in an integral and functional way to the project.
SAAS - Tailor-made for you
A cheap software solution with many possibilities for development. More and more companies are using Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) applications to address their needs. You only need good ideas and a PC to create something important for your business.
Health: For patients but especially for health professionals
We collaborate locally and nationally with hospitals, ASL and non-profit organizations. The greater the use of up-to-date IT systems, the greater the efficiency with which healthcare staff can devote themselves to patient care. For Micra it is a project that goes beyond one's work, it is an ethical choice.

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