For over 30 years, Istituto Helvetico Sanders has only had one goal: to restore the psycho-physical well-being of its customers, approaching all hair and scalp problems with tested and customized protocols based on each specific case.

Micra is a highly experienced SoftTech, helping companies in the digital evolution. Design digital platforms according to customer needs, support business transformation and digital solution. Digital partner for small, medium and large enterprises for 25 years in the IT sector.

The challenge

Our client, the Helvetico Sanders Institute, is a leader in Italy in the field of trichology, known and respected for the quality of its treatments and the competence of its professionals. The need of the Helvetico Sanders Institute was to have an innovative technological solution that would allow it to follow the customer life cycle through a CRM to support its employees and collaborators. The supplied software allows you to effectively manage the following processes:

- Control of the Booking Agenda (Booking of visits to branches and from the Call Center),
- Management and planning of specialists (surgeons and trichologists),
- Coordination of clinics and operating rooms,
- Active Cycle Management (Invoice Issue),
- Dashboard for process management,
- Reporting, Analytics and Personalized Statistics,
- Accounting synchronization (Sending accounting and invoices to SAP),
- Warehouse Management (synchronization with SAP warehouse).

The solution

Our solution is proposed as an intuitive, easy-to-use software that responds to the need to manage complex needs with a view to modernizing and digitizing operational processes. The platform has been designed and structured to be "made to measure" for our client.
Custom features include a complex system of asset and customer management, accounting and billing. In addition, there is a comprehensive Analytics service, which allows you to monitor and analyze the performance of resources and branches through final metrics and graphs.
Thanks to the features of AWS Amazon it was possible to devote a particular focus to data security, in the form of safe saving and backup and compliance with the customer's privacy regulations. The service was essential from a cloud computing security and compliance perspective.

Micra's solution for IHS combines the accessibility of a tailor-made product with the most complex modern technologies: a digital platform that manages to combine simplicity (User Interface), intuitiveness and security (AWS Amazon), in order to respond with promptness to any request and need.