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We develop your ideas

Thanks to the great experience gained in the IT sector for business services, we create applications for a target that easily identifies itself with large banking groups.
What we develop is followed by us throughout its life cycle, from the feasibility study to the start-up of the application, from the training support to the assistance. Through customized consultancy we carefully define the specific needs of the Companies-Customers proposing software solutions with a concrete approach able to achieve innovation and automation.

The high skills of our employees, the know-how and the technical-functional experience gained allow the creation of highly specialized and high quality software, where possible with the use of open-source supports.

Our success stories are make evidence to the knowledge of the business model of the company, the reactivity to changes and the dynamic planning of the solutions and services offered.

Micra is a company that takes care of your company.

We are functional

Our knowledge extends to the entire banking perimeter, from the most classic areas such as credit lines and guarantees, portfolio, treasury, accounting, conditions, integrations, etc. to more complex ones such as Credit Recovery and Loans, passing through the more delicate ones belonging to the Legal world.
That one constitutes a singular niche that we have been able to explore and computerize with a high degree of professionalism and satisfaction.
All our know-how is the result of collaborations with the most experienced functional referents within our Customers, and is projected to identify the most suitable technical solutions for each context.

We are computer scientists

We move on all Mainframe platforms, having carried out important activities at the most famous banking institutes in Italy since the beginning. At the same time, we have also trained on more modern development tools and languages to be able to respond to more markets with more solutions.
We have chosen the Java language and cross-platform DBMS in Agile mode, for banking solutions and applications that allow you to enjoy a low-impact system in terms of licenses, databases and application servers.
Our solutions are based on modules developed in dedicated suites, which make the expansion of the perimeter both simple and synergistic, with significant savings and economic protection of the investments made.

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